The Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team's Role in Thomas Walling Primary Academy


Meet the Pastoral Team:

Reshmin Alam - Welfare Manager

Amanda Ridley - Pastoral Officer

Richard Stretton - Pastoral Assistant

Sandra Wilson - Administration Assistant

What is the Role of the Pastoral Team 

To help you with any worries you may have in relation to your child’s education, behaviour or attendance, and provides support on how best to deal with it.
The Pastoral Team work with schools to help and support parents and carers in their parenting role.

What can the Pastoral Team do for you and your family?

Offer Support to get your child/children to school 

One to one support

Access to parenting programmes

Offer support with your child’s behaviour

Information about agencies and services which are available in your area

Signpost to agencies for help and advice on employment

Advice on any learning opportunities that is available to you

Housing advice

Referral to agencies that can help with benefits

The Pastoral Team's aim is to help:

Build your confidence in dealing with parenting issues
Support better school attendance
Help you to speak with school staff

Why might you need support from the school’s Pastoral Team?

“I do not know where to go for support and advice”
“I need somebody to talk to other than family or friends”
“I would like some ideas on how to get my child into a good routine”
“I am finding my child’s behaviour difficult to handle”
“I would like to set boundaries and ground rules for my child but don’t know how”
“I would like tips on how to deal with temper tantrums”
“I would like ideas on how to encourage my child to do his homework without an argument”
“I am concerned about my child’s development”
“I am worried about my child moving from primary to secondary school”
“I would like to get back into employment”
“I would like to return to education”

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact the team on 0191 286 0333.

One to one sessions can take place at school or where ever you feel comfortable