Marking Code

Our Marking Code

Our school has a new marking policy, to help children to understand more clearly how well they are doing, and how they can become even better. In children’s books you will clearly be able to see how hard they have tried, what the teacher thinks about the presentation of their work, and whether they need to do a little more work on any subject. A letter in a triangle means that the children have not always tried their hardest – but all children are trying to get a letter with a star: E* means that the best effort has been made, and P* shows wonderful presentation.


The Headteacher asked for the school council’s feedback on the school’s new marking policy. The children all spoke very positively about the new policy and said that they much preferred our new marking code. The children could easily explain the new marking codes and did this very clearly. The children's comments about the new marking policy included;


"It is better. There are no labels to read to see how you’ve done and you can just

look for the mark. If you get 3 triangles in a row you have to stay in because you haven't done your best work."


"It is easier to understand. If you get a star you know you have done well. There's a warning signs as well. The triangles mean you need to improve and work on it. The triangle with an E means more effort and the P means work on your presentation. The labels were more confusing."


"I didn’t know about my presentation before but now I know about how good my

work looks."