In Year 1, children have been learning about, and through, music for over a year now. This year they are exploring a range of instruments. By the end of Year 1, they will have had chance to explore the violin, the recorder, the ocarina, the glockenspiel, the keyboard, the ukulele and drums. Through this, they learn to play, listen to one another, read rhythms, begin to read musical notes, compose their own pieces and, of course, have lots of fun. 
In Year 2, children learn the violin, the cello, the recorder, the ocarina, the glockenspiel, the ukulele and drums also. It has been amazing to see their understanding develop, their confidence grow and their love for music blossom.
The progress the children are making is wonderful. They focus, concentrate, show respect to others and to the instruments and their memory is fantastic. They are excited to learn and seem to appreciate the wonderful opportunity they have to explore such a wide range of instruments. 
Their singing has developed massively since last year, and their ability to learn and remember songs has improved beyond all expectations. Watch out for some singing performances coming soon!
We would love to have more parents involved in music making across KS1. Why don't you drop us a message (email, facebook or note) telling us how you would like to be involved. Would you like a parent choir? A parent orchestra? More performances? Drop-in sessions? How about a dads' drumming group or a parents' rock band? Let us know and we will see what we can do!!