School Council Blog 08/02/2017

10th February 2017
School Council Blog 10/02/2017
Mrs Curr and the council welcomed Violet Rook one of our Governors to their meeting. We were very pleased to have her in attendance.
The KS1 children reported that they were enjoying the new playground equipment at break times. Ellie told Mrs Rook the process we have undertaken to get new playground equipment. Mrs Rook then discussed the similarities to this and the community council. The children were given a community council leaflet.
The Councillors said they would like to see swimming, art, drama, stitching, and football clubs.  I reported that there will hopefully be a football club when the weather is nicer, and the children were very happy about this. Ellie reported that KS2 children would like a dance club as currently this is only offered to KS1 children.
Mrs Rook showed the children a video of Chinese New Year Celebrations in Newcastle. Chanel and Lexi both said they had been to the celebrations and enjoyed them. It was very busy and noisy, but they did like the fireworks.