Early Years

Early Years children enjoying their music time.
Music in the Early Years is very important. It helps children's memory, concentration, fine and gross motor control and confidence, just to name a few! Our Little Owls are starting to read written rhythmic notation. This is helping them to develop their one-to-one correspondence, helping them to read from left to right, helping them to develop their memory and their language skills. They are doing a great job!
Chris Collins, one of our Music Tutors, works closely with our Nursery children. The children love Chris' creativity and sing and play with confidence and enthusiasm.
Children in Reception have the chance to play and learn through music on a day-to-day basis. For those children who need a little more support in different areas of the Early Years Curriculum, we use music as an intervention to really help the children to focus on, and develop these areas. The progress they are making is great!
Children in Early Years engage with music in many ways. Children are given the opportunity to sing, dance and play a wide variety of percussion instruments. Children are taught to read simple rhythms and even our Little Owls, who are only 2 years old, begin to read and play rhythm notation! Our music tutor, Mr Chris Collins supports the musical development of our Early Years children. They sing, dance, play and engage in musical activities in fun and creative ways!